bitcoind – keeping wallet addresses outside the bitcoin core

I am trying to build good security for my online Bitcoin application. Is something like this possible?

       v         New transactions
+-------------+  <----------------   +--------------+
|             |                      |              |
| Wallet keys +--------------------->+ Bitcoin core |
|             |                      |              |
+-------------+   Submit signed tx   +--------------+

Wallet Keys will be my hot wallet. There will be another wallet store that will be used for cold storage. The Bitcoin kernel will be a public trusted node that I have no control over.

Does using this architecture have any drawbacks over running a full bitcoin kernel to hold addresses?

I need to get calls to new transactions in the address list in my store, which are not managed by bitcoin core. Is it possible to use this method?

The reason behind this is that running a full Bitcoin kernel consumes a lot of computing and disk resources and is costly on the cloud, and by doing this I can avoid having to run and maintain a Bitcoin node. I can send a signed transaction to any trusted node.


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