Episode 65 – A frank conversation about the racial ramifications of legalizing marijuana

In this episode, he joins Amber and Erica Lawrence Grandber, co-author of The Black Book and Director of Research for Leaders of the Beautiful Struggle. Our colleague at Black Power Media helps us understand the basics, explaining the difference between hemp, CBD, THC, and marijuana. Next, we delve into this nation’s oppressive and historically racist drug laws, which, along with horrific police, have criminalized generations of blacks and are now deprived of the increasingly lucrative legal marijuana trade. Lawrence helps us deconstruct what “street economies” can teach us about political and economic self-determination and why marijuana legalization can be a key component of reparations and political independence for blacks. Listen to get the scoop!


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guest bio
Lawrence Grand He is the Director of Research for Leaders of the Beautiful Struggle. His areas of focus include drug policy, criminal justice, police accountability, and community economic/educational development. He is co-author of The Black Book and his work has appeared in The Guardian, The Baltimore Sun, Time Magazine and The Black Agenda Report. He is also the co-host of the In Search of Black Power Podcast.

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