Importing BTC BIP38 Paper Wallet to Electrum 3.3.4 Not Working

Attempting to terminate importing BTC from BIP38 paper wallet to Electrum wallet

About an hour ago, I opened Electum 3.3.4, created a new wallet, set a password, and saved a copy of the new wallet to the USB drive.

Then I clicked the Electum menu options for WALLET, PRIVATE KEYS, IMPORT and pasted the decrypted private key for BIP38 Paper Wallet into the box that opened, then I clicked NEXT.

Nothing happened: blockexplorer shows that the BTC balance is still in the paper wallet and not in the Electrum wallet. I’ve shut down and restarted Electrum, but the same thing.

When I decrypted a BIP38 Paper Wallet to get her private key, I used offline, which gave me a table with a number of options to return the questionable private key.

The specific key I chose and copied and pasted into Electrum was the key under the heading “WIF Compressed Format 52 Characters Base 58 Starting with ‘K’ or ‘L'”

Is this what needs to be corrected?

And the second thing I see is, when I click the big green button for the Electrum server (no idea what it’s called ha), the overview shows ‘status’ as connected to 10 nodes. The server is and the Blockchain is 565750. When I initially checked this when importing the BIP38 paper wallet, it was set to an automatic server and not a specific server

I’ve read that Electrum servers can be a transaction processing issue, and I thought that might be an issue here?

Any suggestion or help would be appreciated


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