Transactions – buy coins with an Australian bank account from Germany

Your question effectively asks where you can buy BTC via wire transfer payment from your Australian bank account.

By this, the exchanges I’ve tried have made assumptions that will prevent this. Wondering what would happen if you used a VPN to set up your account on the exchange?

There are several VPNs available that allow you to select the target exit country (Hola for Chrome for example) – it will be fairly simple to try.

It may also be useful if you have an Australian email address, although Gmail and the like are country specific enough that it doesn’t matter. With a VPN, you can probably sign up for an email address at or similar from your favorite webmail provider. Australian companies like inet and Bigpond also offer email hosting.

If you are going to visit Australia it will be easy to buy from who require minimal account setup but cash deposit (no wire transfer).

Also, you can ask your Australian bank to issue you a debit card (Visa / MC logo) which will withdraw directly from your money, and use it to make purchases from all over the world.

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