Why does Satoshi’s public key contain the unique identifier "BuZz Spacedout"

This is more of a historical question about Bitcoin than a technical one. Hope this is good…

Does anyone know the reason for the public key numbering:

pub  1024D/5EC948A1 2008-10-30            

Available, for example, on the site pgp.mit.edu contains the unique identifier:

uid BuZz Spacedout   <satoshin@gmx.com>

contain the string "BuZz Spacedout"?

I was told that this is Satoshi’s public key and I was just wondering about the origin of the name "BuZz Spacedout". Is this another nickname commonly used besides Satoshi? Anyone know why he didn’t choose "Satoshi Nakamoto" instead of "BuZz Spacedout"?

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